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"TechEnergoComp Ltd." develops, manufactures and supplies control cabinets for motor-driven mechanisms and drive cabinets for single-motor and for multi-motor driven machines upon technical requirements of Customers.

We do not use the cheapest accessories, the basic criterion of a selection of components is their quality and reliability. However the important factor - the price/quality ratio is always considered. Only using qualitative accessories for competitive prices, we can guarantee successful performance of our products during intended operation life.


Municipal services have various applications of the group frequency-adjustable electric drive.

  • Automatic control and frequency-adjustable operation of pumps for water supply
    • Maintenance of pressure in a common pipeline
    • Automatic reserve
    • Automatic switching of reserve pumps during peak requirements
    • Monitoring
    • Saving of electric power
    • Saving of operating hours of pumps
  • Automatic control and frequency-adjustable drive of pumps of heating
    • Maintenance of pressure in a common pipeline
    • Capacity control based on temperature of return water or temperature on the object
    • Automatic reserve
    • Monitoring
    • Saving of electric power
    • Saving of thermal energy
    • Saving of operating hours of pumps
  • Automatic control and smooth start-up of sewer pumps
    • Smooth, jerk-free starting-up of pumps
    • Automatic reserve
    • Monitoring
    • Saving of electric power
    • Saving of operating hours of pumps


As a starting point for development of the electric scheme, specification and design of a cabinet it is possible to use the sketch of the technical project which is made by the customer in the any form.

It is necessary to describe as much as possible in detail:

  • The list of objects of regulation
    • Pumps
    • Valves and gates
    • Transport mechanisms
  • The list of objects of the monitoring
    • Gauges of temperature, pressure, flow, etc.
    • Limit switches
  • The list of objects of control and indication
    • Necessary controls on a front door of a cabinet (buttons, switches, lamps, dial devices, etc.)
    • External control panels
    • Necessity of communication with external means of the MANAGEMENT information system (SCADA systems)
  • Algorithms of interaction between objects
    • Pump control on temperature
    • Heater control on set of signals from digital gauges
    • Necessity of blocking
    • Necessity of notification about alarm situations and failures

After that a teamwork with engineers of our company will yield in a finalized technical project on the basis of which the electric scheme, plan and the specification of a cabinet will be developed.


Installation is made in cabinets supplied by ZPAS, RITTAL, etc.

Cabinets are completed with converters made by "Siemens" or Schneider or ABB, soft starters made by "Siemens" or SOLCON, qualitative fixing armature. Rheostatic soft starters made by "GINO" are mounted separately.

Assembly of control cabinets is carried out according to the developed technical and design documentation. Cabinets are made with usage of automatic switches, magnetic actuators, relays made by "Siemens", Schneider, Merlin Gerin. All equipment is installed on DIN-rails, that facilitates activities on installation and replacement. Internal wires are laid in plastic cable-channels, closed by covers.


Various centrifugal machines such as pumps and fans are widely used in the industry. Their nominal ratings were selected on the basis of maximum possible necessary capacity and pressure. In real work these maximal parameters in most cases are not required and consequently it is necessary to use various methods of regulation. Normally these are throttles or other regulating devices. These methods provide for demanded parameters of working machine (the capacity, pressure...), but have essential negative factor - the over-expenditure of the electric power.

The most economic regulation of an operating mode of the centrifugal machine is change of frequency of rotation of a drive. Frequency of rotation of the centrifugal machine can be changed either using motors with variable frequency drive or using of adjustable reducers (variators). Variators are basically applied in those drives where there is no often necessity to make change of frequency of rotation. Variators are not widely used because of their modest operating life and high initial cost.

Asynchronous electric motors with S.C. rotor are mostly used for driving of centrifugal machines, as the cheapest in operation. Modern converters allow to provide regulation of these motors with the parameters similar to parameters of regulation of a drive of DC-motors. They offer high reliability and are characterized by considerably smaller operational expenses in comparison to a DC-drive.

Application of frequency converters in control systems of the electric drive allows to reduce starting loadings to an electric network, to extend service life of mechanisms, to cut down electricity expenses.

Should the electric drive have no demand on speed regulation, soft starters can be used for reduction of starting loadings on a network and mechanisms.

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