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Services and designing - Variable Frequency Drives and Systems

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Variable Frequency Drives and Systems

SERVICES AND DESIGNING / Variable Frequency Drives and Systems

"TechEnergoComp Ltd." designs, manufactures and supplies complete the electric drive according to requirements of the Customers for their specific technological processes and pairing to existing units and machines. The electric drive can be made with a local control system on the basis of controllers SIEMENS and display stations with an opportunity of remote and local control of several executive mechanisms.

In the field of electric drives our company works in following basic directions:

  • Designing and manufacturing of cabinet type electric drives
  • Modernization of the existing operating systems with modern converters and local control systems
  • Supply and commissioning of variable frequency converters (VFD), thyristor converters, low-voltage and high-voltage drives (Siemens, Schneider Electric, etc.)

In a world(global) practice the adjustable electric drive is recognized by one of the most effective energy-saving and resources-saving ecology-friendly technologies. High efficiency of application of the automated adjustable electric drive for regulation of parameters and optimization of work of various technological systems with the mechanisms working in variable modes, is confirmed by long-term world(global) experience.

For years of work the company executes some significant projects on installation and modernization of systems of the automated electric drive in electric power and municipal branches. Due to introduction of the newest technologies the significant economy of power resources of the enterprises of customers is reached(achieved).

As a rule, in the majority of technological systems electric motors counting upon the maximal productivity of the equipment while hours of peak loading make only 10-15 % of the general(common) operating time of the equipment are established(installed). Thus in the general(common) structure of a current consumption in a national economy of Russia on a share of such electric motors it is necessary about 40 % of the electric power. As a result the electric motors working with constant speed of rotation, consume up to 50 % of more electric power, than it is required for maintenance of optimum technological process.

Application of the adjustable electric drive allows to optimize work of electric motors, to exclude a unproductive current consumption, and in systems of a heat supply and water supply, besides it(this), to provide significant economy of heat (up to 10 %) and decrease(reduction) in water consumption (up to 20 %).

Regulation of speed of rotation by means of the converter of frequency provides:

  • Soft start-up, without mechanical and electric overloads;
  • Adjustable times of acceleration and delay;
  • Exact maintenance of demanded speed;
  • Opportunity of remote control;
  • Simple interface to the controller, computer, etc.  

Designing and manufacturing of cabinet type electric drives

It is carried out with use of completing firms " Siemens ", ABB,   Schneider Electric . Cases are projected(designed) under the individual technical project for concrete objects. In cases the protective and switching equipment, programmed logic controllers of firm " Siemens " is used. Electric drives can be completed with remote boards or display stations with necessary controls and indications of technological parameters. For accommodation of all elements cabinets of firms ZPAS (Poland), Rittal (Germany) are used, etc. 

Cabinet type VFD provides:

  • Automatic control by frequency of rotation of the electric motor on a feedback from the gauge practically any technological parameter, on a signal from the MANAGEMENT information system or under orders of the operator;
  • De-energizing of the electric motor in case of: its long-time overload, short circuit, missing of a phase, over-current or an over-voltage;
  • Smooth start-up of the electric motor;
  • Reverse of the motor;
  • Automatic re-starting systems after failure of a power supply (under optional order);
  • Opportunity of connection of several drive cabinets on a common technological process (cabinets of special execution). When there is presence of several signals of a feedback on technological parameter an installation of the industrial controller is required (in one of the drive cabinets or in a separate cabinet);
  • Serial start-up of several motors and regulation of frequency of rotation of one of these motors (a cabinet of special execution with group contactors).

The company carries out supervision during installation, adjustment and test of cabinet type VFD, modernization of the systems which are being in operation, technical consultations about selection of the equipment. To assure warranty on the technical equipment delivered by us we shall organize service by ourselves and subcontract our authorized partners if necessary. 

Modernization of the systems which are being in operation

The basic ways of energy-saving in the basic and auxiliary manufacture of the industrial enterprises are connected with perfection of the basic technological manufactures, wide application of energy-saving equipment (system of the smooth start-up, a variable frequency drive, etc.) and development of modes of rational consumption of power resources. 

Introduction of VFD allows to provide:

  • Reduction of starting currents to a nominal level and thereof exception of harmful influence of these currents on a power line;
  • Significant decrease(reduction) in size of an overload on the moment on the equipment (the motor and the pump, the motor and the fan);
  • Practical elimination of need in throttles, gates, various sorts of valves;
  • Elimination of hydro-impacts in a hydraulic pipeline (main and auxiliary pumps), smooth change of submission of air in fans, etc., i.e. exception or essential reduction of dynamic influences on the technological equipment.

The company carries out all engineering-industrial chain, namely:

  • Inspection of objects;
  • Rendering assistance at a formulation of the technical project the customer;
  • We carry out technical study and designing;
  • We prepare for custom-made specifications;
  • Delivery of the equipment;
  • We participate in assembly and starting-up and adjustment works;
  • Starting-up and adjustment works;
  • Tests;
  • Putting in commercial operation;
  • Training of the personnel;
  • Warranty and post-guarantee service;
  • Realization of constant technical and consulting support of the customer, and it, finally, reduces the price of a total cost of projects, relieves the customer of necessity to search and hire subcontractors that is connected with additional time expenses, labour and financial resources.
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