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Pump control stations

The automated pump control station "STREAM" is intended for management and the control of technological operating modes of pump units of pump station, and also auxiliary mechanisms of pump station.

The control station "STREAM" is the multipurpose restored system calculated on long functioning. An operating mode of system - round-the-clock, continuous with periodic stops for maintenance service.

Why did we create this system? We had several objectives:

  • Essential reduction of pump station energy consumption and increase of efficiency of the process;
  • Reduction of maintenance costs and industrial losses: increase of time between-repairs of the pump and that of the electrical equipment, pipeline armature, increase of their service life, reduction of risk of breakage or leaking of pipelines;
  • Increase of the responsibility level of the operative and technological personnel;
  • Improvement of quality of conducting of technological process due to use of the comprehensive tools of viewing and the analysis of the saved technological information;
  • Increase of reliability and maintainability of the controlling equipment;
  • Providing of the comprehensive facilities of diagnostics for reduction of time for repair;
  • Providing of more convenient management of integral units at carrying out of commissioning;
  • Statistical accumulation of data about equipment performance with the purpose of forecasting of scheduled preventive maintenance.

Functions of system:

  • Automatic control of pump station on the certain algorithms.
  • Control of the main and auxiliary technological parameters of the pump station
  • Providing of technological protection of pump units, electric motors and of the electrical equipment
  • Automatic maintenance of pressure on an output of pump station by predetermined settings. Pressure is measured in a discharge common pipe of pump station. Regulation of total flow capacity is carried out by changing of rotational speed of pump units using frequency converters.
  • Local control of the pumping station output pressure and of its separate pumps during operation, repair and commissioning. For this the operator panel with the LCD is installed on a door of a control cabinet is used. The panel displays a condition of pump station, parameters of technological process, and also gives access to the recorded data and to parameters of regulation.
  • Smooth start-up of pump units in manual and automatic modes;
  • Switching on of the next lower status pump during malfunctions of the main pump or of the frequency converter;
  • Data transmission about pumps condition and executive mechanisms to the remote central office;
  • Remote control of the pump station from a central office in a mode "dispatcher".

Structure of system:

  • The automated control system of pump units consists of: Control cabinet with push-buttons, indicating lamps, the terminal of data input and the LCD-display. A controller with input-output modules providing fulfillment of operating algorithm is installed in the control cabinet;
  • Power switchgear cabinet, with installed switching disconnectors with fuses for protection of motors, contactors for connection of motors to SoftStarter or to VFD;
  • Control cabinet of gate valves, with the installed circuit breakers for protection of motors, reversible contactors for connection of motors;
  • The frequency converter, providing smooth regulation of motor speed of rotation is mounted in VFD cabinet;
  • Pressure sensing devices with standard output 4-20mA (analog), measuring pressure at input/output of pump station, and at input/output of each of the pump units;
  • Temperature sensing devices, taking temperature at an input/output of pump station, bearings of pumps.
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